Elite Roller Shades

Elite Roller Shades

Designer Roller & Solar Shades

Our collection of fabrics for today’s modern roller shades can be found in two distinct sample sets: Designer Shades and Solar Shades.


Our Designer Shades fabric collection is filled with decorative patterns, colours, and textures in a variety of transparencies and blackout options. From bold prints to soft and natural tones, these fabrics are designed with looks in mind but offer UV blocking and glare-reducing features.

collection of solar shades features four main categories of fabrics to suit any budget and application:

  • High Performance:Elite offers a collection of the most advanced solar shade fabrics in the industry. The following High Performance fabrics are designed to cut glare, preserve outside views, and most of all, save you on the cost of energy.
  • SilverScreen™ – the world’s most energy efficient solar shade fabric, made from flame retardant PVC and fiberglass yarns. Its metalized layer reflects up to 75% of the sun’s energy and is designed to cut glare while maximizing outside views.SilverScreen™ appears off-white when viewed from the exterior and is available in 2% and 4% openness and in 10 colours. SilverScreen™ maintains the industry’s best all-around performance values for glare control, heat control, and outside views across its colour range.
  • EnviroScreen–a metalized 100% polyester fabric that is flame retardant and PVC-free and reflects up to 65% of the sun’s energy. It is designed to cut glare while maximizing outside views. EnviroScreen is available in 2% and 5% openness and six colours. Regardless of the chosen colour, EnviroScreen maintains the same performance values for glare control, heat control, and outside views.
  • E Screen with KoolBlack™ Technology– E Screen is a flame retardant PVC and fiberglass fabric featuring the revolutionary KoolBlack™ Technology. Normally, dark coloured fabrics absorb the sun’s energy and heat up a room. Now, with KoolBlack™ Technology, dark-coloured fabrics have the ability to reflect infrared heat and energy to levels comparable with light-coloured fabrics, keeping your windows cooler. E Screen with KoolBlack™ Technology is best-suited for south and west facing windows and can be combined with E Screen original fabrics on north and east facing windows for a uniform interior and exterior look, energy savings, and cost efficient shading solutions.
  • Solar Shades:Elite offers traditional solar screens from the industry’s top fabric producers in a range of openness factors (1%, 3%, 5%, 10%), weave patterns, and fabric colours.
  • Blackout:these fabrics prevent any light from passing through the fabric. Blackout shades are ideal for presentation rooms, bedrooms or any other space where total light blockage is ideal. For the ultimate blackout experience, consider our light blocking
  • side channels.Our aluminum side channels install between the fabric and the window frame to block all light from passing through.

All of our Designer and Solar shades are offered with a range of top-treatment options including a variety of aluminum cassettes, fascias or fabric valances to suit any decor style.

Set your Designer & Solar Shades in motion with Elite Smart Shades™ automation. Control your shades at the touch of a button or integrate them into your home automation system.

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