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The Expressions

The Expressions™

Custom Style

The Expressions™ line is an extension of Sun Glow’s popular Graphic Shade division. It enables designers to create unique custom designs for clients that reflect their personality or lifestyle. Expressions™ is available in both custom wallpaper and the printing of decorative art on roller shade fabrics. While the Graphic Shade collection prints images, photographs and logos on commercial fabrics, Expressions™ involves creating a unique overall decor.

We fabricate in house and hence there are no minimum order quantities, allowing our clients to cover an entire room, an accent wall, or just one small area. Our wallpaper is available in various textures and compositions, and at different price points, which makes it very affordable.

Expressions™ allows you to create a look that cannot be imitated.


Printing from a decorative cushion

A simple decorative cushion was the inspiration of an entire kitchen. The image of the cushion was reproduced and altered, a smaller scale was printed on wallpaper backing for a shelving unit, a larger scale was printed for and enclosed in paneling on the walls, and a single element of the pattern was printed on PVC free Trevira fabric.

Printing from a decorative cushion

An intricate pattern from a decorative cushion was faithfully reproduced by our in-house graphic artists. Careful attention was paid to matching the various hues and geometry of the pattern. Once the pattern was completed it was applied to wallpaper. To finish the room we added a PVC-free Trevira fabric roller shade accented with elegant jet black Swarovski crystal accessories from the Sun Glow Glamour™ collection.

Wall paper, roller shade, coordinated printed fabric: Travel photos

Custom wallpaper was designed for the main floor powder room using photos taken during several vacations and a background enhanced with travel quotes. The wallpaper was printed in sepia tone, and to keep the focus on the walls, a glass sink was suspended from the wall, allowing a clear view of the photos. This one-of-a-kind application became a conversation piece in the home. The travel quotes alone on a Trevira fabric, were used for a roller shade in the same room.

Printing from decorative carpet and chairs

A floral pattern from the rug pattern was reproduced by our in-house graphic artists. Elements of the wrought-iron chairs were added to the pattern for complete design integration. Variations of the pattern were applied to wall accents and a subtle version of the pattern was applied to textured fabric on the roller shade.

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