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Vertical blind

Vertical blind



Unrivalled variety

Our collection of roller blinds includes a wide range of various fabric types. From translucent to black-out and from basic to luxurious. Besides jacquards, the collection includes stylish print designs and timeless natural fabrics. A contract collection that includes items with a beautiful wool and cotton look was recently added to our product range


In addition to transparent and translucent fabrics, our plain collection also includes black-out and flame-retardant varieties. What makes our offer special is the large variety of fabric types and the broad color palette available for our collections. In addition to timeless neutral colors they always include a number of trending colors.


Besides transparent and translucent fabrics our plain collection for vertical blinds also includes black-out and flame-retardant varieties. The large variety in fabric types and the broad color palette in which our collections are available are special aspects of our product range. In addition to timeless neutral tones a number of trending colors have been included as well.


The beautiful weave structure and the use of luxury yarns in warm colors of the jacquards provide a high-quality atmosphere for the interior. The patterns in our collection are inspired by classic woven patterns to match both classic and modern interiors. When used as panel blinds they create a stylish, warm and rich setting.


The way in which the natural materials and sophisticated textures in our collection filter the light is unparalleled. In addition to paper fabrics, linen varieties are also part of the collection and are available in pure colors. By combining them with the clean lines of the panel blinds, natural fabrics make for a special addition to a modern interior.


Screen fabrics are the perfect solution for controlling light and heat. Our screen fabrics are flame-retardant and proven safe for people and nature. In addition to basic screen fabrics in timeless colors, our collection includes high-quality decorative varieties with their own feel. There are, for instance, screens with a metallic sheen, with a natural linen look and with exclusive jacquard-woven patterns. Because of the clean lines of the panel blinds and the size of the canvas, the screens become part of the architecture.


Strings add an innovative and playful touch to vertical blinds. The open structure creates an airy feel and a subtle see-through effect. In addition to a variety in natural tones, the collection also includes a large number of trending colors.

Vertical blind

Grand optic line play

In addition to a broad and innovative collection of fabrics, our product range for vertical blinds offers a versatile, efficient system. The Absolute system is user friendly as well as easy to assemble and install. The modular structure makes it easy to upgrade the system from basic to full-option.


Easy installation

We have developed a unique system for vertical blinds to offer high-quality and time-saving options for every situation.


The Absolute roller blind system with a mounting profile forms the basis for this user-friendly roller blind system. It is easy to assemble and install. The modular structure allows for an easy upgrade to a full-option system with automated operation with a minimal number of parts. Download the technical catalog of this system here.


Available now!

The warm fabrics in our new Contract Collection add an attractive look and feel to vertical blinds. The natural textile look of the fabrics, including wool, linen and cotton looks, creates a warm atmosphere in the interior.


This new contract collection is a special mix of new and existing fabrics. The flame-retardant qualities and the extra wide width of 280 to 300 cm make the fabrics perfect for the contract market. The new items in the collection are characterized by a natural textile look and feel. The wool and cotton look fabrics in the collection add atmosphere and warmth to the interior. The fabrics are suitable for roller, panel and vertical blinds. View a mood impression of this new collection here.

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