Moodscapes Cellular Vertical Application

Moodscapes® Cellular Vertical Application

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The Moodscapes® Cellular Vertical Application by Shade-O-Matic uniquely combines the soft glow of sheer fabric with the convenient movement of vertical blinds. It’s a stylish and flexible way to illuminate your space. They fit vertically in rectangular windows and door openings, and with the 3/4″ single cell size, you can create a totally coordinated look with other cellular shades in your home.


Available in selected 3/4″ single cell patterns. They’re perfect for large windows and door openings up to 14′ in width and 8′ in height. Since they can be moved from side to side, these shades are ideal for sliding glass doors or French doors, and work well as a room divider. Energy efficient, durable and easy to maintain. Four fabric stacking options: left stack, right stack, centre opening (split draw), and inward stack.

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