Although Altex is specialized in roller shades, we can also provide you with panel tracks, traditional and inclinable roman shades, fixed panels, Fixoscreen and Ready-to-install shades with the best mechanical systems and fabrics.

Altex provides high quality solar protection to an upscale institutional, corporate, commercial and residential clientele. Products are sold in Canada and the United States.

Proudly Canadian Since 1975
Altex was founded in 1975 by Michel Alepins and his two sons, Paul and Gaetan. First established in Ville St-Laurent, the company is now located in Terrebonne since 1989. Altex provides high quality shading systems to an upscale institutional, corporate, commercial and residential clientele. Our products are sold throughout Canada and the United States.

Roller shades are of affordable quality and consist of opaque, translucent or transparent fabrics that roll up and down around an aluminium tube using a chain mechanism. They are installed

A unique shade that perfectly blends movement, transparency and privacy. For outside visibility, overlaps the transparent portion. For privacy, overlap transparent and translucent

Panel tracks are an excellent solution for many different applications they could be used to cover a French doors, patio …

Fixed multiform shades consist of fabrics cut to the exact dimensions of windows in various shapes (circular, octagonal, rectangular, half-moon, crescent, etc.) or according to a ..

Inclinable roman shades consist of roman shades mounted on a white aluminium side channel system. They can be raised or lowered using a telescopic rod or just using the handle.

Ready-to-install shades consist of a solar shade equipped with small horizontal hems in which pressure rods are inserted.Image credit: altex.ca The pressure rods keep the ready-to-install shade

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