Security Shutters

Security Shutters


Whether you are looking to protect your home or a commercial building, we can find a solution for you.

According to statistics, 79% of intrusions happen through windows and doors. Securing these vulnerable areas of entry should be your number one priority in break-in prevention.

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Thanks to the dedication and hard work of General Manager George Pfaller, Alutech has gone from only two employees to a staff more than thirty strong. For fifteen years, George positioned Alutech as the leading and most well respected producer of hurricane and security shutters today.

According to FBI crime statistics, 2/3rd of all burglaries are committed on residential dwellings. About half of them take place during the day. Burglaries tend to be closely correlated ..

Of the various models of the roll down shutters available, the RC 37 foam filled slat allows for shutter application when an exceptionally small housing is necessary. Each slat is insulated ..

The RC 42 Foam Filled slat is the most commonly used shutter slat in today’s market. It is a versatile slat that conveniently rolls small and with its polyurethane foam core insulates and reduces ..

The most cost effective roll shutter we carry is the RCE 40. This version of the Hurricane Roll Shutter has: Extruded Aluminum Slats. Optional Stormbars, available for larger Spans

In addition to the Mini systems RCE 40 and Barracuda, we carry the Maxi system know as Bertha 58 with the following features for hurricane protection: End Retention System – eliminates ..

Rolling grills provide a great amount of security, and are ideal for separation of passages and securing windows, especially in places where transparency and ventilation are important.

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