Floor & Open Spaces

Floor & Open Spaces


Not every garden has an abundance of trees to provide the required shade. Whether next to your favourite bench, the sandpit or the kids’ paddling pool, you do not always have the sun and UV protection you need. The free-standing double awnings of STOBAG were developed specifically for this purpose. Optionally expanded with a high-quality aluminium floor system in a wooden floorboard look, which can be installed on various substructures to create your own gazebo.
Whether individually as a lifestyle terrace deck or in an expanded layout as a complete solution with a STOBAG sun / weather protection extension module (I.S.L.A. concept), the aluminium floor satisfies a variety of uses.

In the middle of the lawn, in the Piazza in front of the restaurant or near the beach, it doesn’t matter, wherever the SB4700 floor system is it makes an irresistible, strong impact everywhere. The

One of the main advantages of freestanding shading is the ability to use it in a wide range of locations. Whether it’s in your own garden, in playgrounds or a convivial outdoor restaurant ..

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