Box Awnings


Provides convenient sun protection

Box awnings are particularly well-protected jointed or telescopic arm awnings. When the awning is rolled up the elegant and corrosion-resistant aluminium box effectively protects the cover and the mechanical components against environmental influences as well as rain, snow, storms and dirt. That has a positive effect on the service life of the awning and ensures untroubled enjoyment in the shade.
The beautifully-designed and enclosed structure and the versatile design variants make STOBAG box awnings popular with architects and demanding developers as design features.
The secure box also offers good protection against vandalism: This type of awning is particularly suitable for people who travel away a lot as well as for operators of catering businesses.

STOBAG box awnings are tailor-made and offer a full range of options. Continual quality control and the use of tried and tested brand fabrics with up to 100% UV protection guarantee maximum safety and functionality.
Choose from over 400 cover designs and thousands of colour combinations. Depending on the model and desired comfort level the awning is driven either manually using a crank or by a motor, which can also easily be operated via remote control or sun/wind sensors.


The CAMABOX BX4500 is a fully automatic and attractive cassette awning in a cubic design, which is suitable for medium to large terraces. It is the larger version of the BX4000, which has won the Red Dot Design Award. The CAMABOX BX4500 is characterized by simple and clean lines. The electronic drop-down valance as well as the LED lighting in the box and the drop-out profile provide more flexibility and comfort. The corrosion-resistant aluminium cassette effectively protects the fabric and the hinged arms from weathering and dirt, thus ensuring a long service life. The variable bracket position allows flexible, simple and time-saving mounting on the wall or underneath the ceiling.

min. 215 cm
max. 700 cm
min. 7′ 0”
max. 22′ 12”
min. 150 cm
max. 400 cm
min. 4′ 11”
max. 13′ 1”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h


The CAMABOX BX4000 is a stylish cassette awning in a modern cubic design. It features simple and minimalist contours, allowing the CAMABOX BX4000 to blend elegantly into the architecture. As a particular highlight, LED lighting can be optionally integrated into the box, which turns the shaded area into an experience even during the evening hours. The tried and tested closed box effectively protects the fabric and jointed arms from the elements and dirt to ensure a long service life. The variable bracket positions permit a flexible, simple and time-saving installation on the wall, under the ceiling or to the rafters. The CAMABOX BX400 can be operated by either a crank or an electric motor.

min. 214 cm
max. 550 cm
min. 7′ 0”
max. 18′ 1”
min. 150 cm
max. 300 cm
min. 4′ 11”
max. 9′ 10”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h


The new PURABOX BX1500 is the most compact cassette awning ever developed by STOBAG. In spite of minimalist dimensions, PURABOX is equipped with many tried-and-tested characteristics: Timeless, elegant design, the easiest adjustable incline between 0 and 90º, universal assembly consoles with 2-point anchoring system for rapid assembly on walls, ceilings or rafters.
The self-supporting fully closed aluminium cassette offers the fabric and folding arms optimum protection. The maximum dimensions up to 5 m wide and a projection of 2.25 m, make the PURABOX BX1500 ideal for balconies and loggias in the demanding object range, as well as for terraced houses and apartment blocks.

min. 185 cm
max. 500 cm
min. 6′ 1”
max. 16′ 5”
min. 150 cm
*max. 225 cm
min. 5′ 0”
*max. 7′ 5”
Beaufort 5 / 39 km/h


The TENDABOX and CASABOX models are slim box awnings in a timelessly elegant design. They are especially suitable for shading smaller to medium-sized areas, like in the case of balconies and terraces. The pleasing design of the round or square box allows the awning to blend in harmoniously with the architecture. – as an additional design feature. The end profile provides a tight seal and protects the fabric and jointed arms from rain and dirt. Therefore, ensuring a long service life. Two brackets allow the equipment to be quickly and easily fitted to the wall, ceiling or rafters. The drop-down Volant-Plus is available as protection against glare and prying eyes. All models can be operated using a hand crank or an optional convenient electric drive.


min. 188 cm
*max. 550 cm
min. 6′ 3”
max. 18′
min. 160 cm
*max. 300 cm
min. 5′ 3”
*max. 9′ 10”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h
* up to 500 cm total width = 300 cm projection
as from total width of 501 cm = max. projection of 250 cm


The SELECT-BOX is a versatile folding arm awning for medium-sized shaded areas.
The slim aluminium cassette, with adjustable inclination, protects the fabric from wind, rain and other environmental effects when the awning is retracted. This allows the equipment to be installed quickly and flexibly due to the variable bracket arrangement. The awnings are operated with either a standard gear and crank or the optional electric motor. Various variations of remote-controls and controls with sun and wind sensors are available. The SELECT-BOX is available as a convenience option in the drop-down VOLANT-PLUS (120 cm) with an integrated drop section, which also provides additional protection against glare and prying eyes.


min. 170 cm
max. 600 cm
min. 5′ 7”
max. 19′ 8”
min. 140 cm
*max. 350 cm
min. 4′ 7”
*max. 11′ 6”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h


The RESOBOX BX8000 is a graceful box awning specially designed for use with large- area terraces.
Thanks to the patented and thus unique modular box system, the cover and folding arms remain effectively protected from weather exposure when retracted. With an extraordinary width of 18 metres (has 6 arms) and a maximum projection of 4 metres, areas of over 70 m2 can be shaded with the RESOBOX. The variable bracket system allows easy wall or top fixing.
The drop-down VOLANT-PLUS is available as protection against glare and prying eyes. Additional comfort options provide for straight-forward automation of your cassette awning.


min. 200 cm
max. 1800 cm
min. 6′ 7”
max. 59′ 1”
min. 150 cm
*max. 400 cm
min. 4′ 11”
*max. 13′ 1”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h
The wind resistance class can vary depending on version and dimension


The elegant MESABOX S9170 awning is an attractive shading system for large areas such as restaurant terraces and domestic patios. The compact, linear design gives the MESABOX an elegant appearance. Thanks to the telescoping technology, the fabric remains taut when the awning is open, regardless of the position. When the awning is retracted, the rounded end profile creates a box that protects the fabric and the telescopic arms from the damaging effects of the weather.
Two fixing brackets make the awning easy to fix on a wall or from the ceiling. The incline angle can be easily adjusted.
The standard integrated electric drive can be conveniently expanded by means of optional controllers or an automatic sun/wind detection system.


min. 350 cm
max. 700 cm
min. 11′ 6”
max. 22′ 12”
min. 250 cm
*max. 400 cm
min. 8′ 2”
*max. 13′ 1”
Beaufort 6 / 50 km/h
The wind resistance class can vary depending on version and dimension

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