Roller Shades


The classic simplicity and functionality of roller shades has made them popular in many applications whether residential, commercial or institutional. With a wide range of fabric, control systems, valance options, hem options and custom accents, roller shades could be designed to suit most applications.


Fabric selection should complement the environment and address the needs of the space. Different fabrics offer different features including:

•   Different degrees of openness for sun control in 1%, 3%, 5%, 7%, 10%, 14%, 25% as well as room darkening.
•   Decoratives that range from transparent, translucent, textured, or printed.
•   Fire retardant
•   Environmentally friendly
•   Antimicrobial
•   Acoustical

Our Sheerweave collection is provided by Phifer.  Sun Glow has curated it’s own collection of fabrics as well.  These can be reviewed here.

Operating Systems

Roller shades can be operated manually or can be automated.

Manual Systems:

Sun Glow uses the Rollease Clutch system as our standard system. It is of high quality and durable and never requires adjustment. The shade is raised or lowered by simply pulling the chain. Stainless steel is our standard chain but poly chain in white, grey, black, linen, brown or clear is also available. To compliment the chain system and reduce pull force of larger shades we offer two options, Spring Assist and Ultra Lite, selected based on the size of the shade.

NEO Chainless System:

Our chainless system is operated by pulling the shade from the bottom bar or blind pull to the desired height. The shade can easily be retracted by a slight pull of the bottom bar or blind pull. See more about the Neo™ Chainless System here.


Shades can be automated and operated through a variety of control options including; multi channel remotes, wireless wall switches, timers/sun sensors, and can be integrated into any home automation system. See more about automation options here.


We offer numerous valance and hem options. Valance options include various aluminum cassettes and fascia in a wide selection of finishes. Some valances allow for fabric inserts to match the fabric of the shade.

Hem option include plain hem with wood or trim options; accurail, a contemporary aluminum bar available in various finishes; accubar, an aluminum bar that can be wrapped in the same fabric as the shade; or 12 scalloped hem styles accented with gimp, loop or chainette.

For complete room darkening, we offer a side and bottom channel system available in anodized, white, and dark bronze.

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