Specialty Shapes and Arches

Specialty Shapes and Arches

The Supreme PerformanceTM Combi Specialty Shapes and Arches are truly revolutionary as they have operable louvers and openable panels – exclusive to Maxxmar. They will bring elegance and beauty to any room setting and their high quality features and state-of-the-art finishes ensure easy cleaning and great durability. In order to give the best coordination for colour, tonality and profile shape, we at Maxxmar use both vinyl and wood profiles to make our arches and specialty shapes which are referred to as “ Combi”.

This ensures a consistent elegant look for both the shutter below and the arch or specialty shape above. The unique features and benefits of our product combined with its very affordable price have made it well accepted on the market and we are very proud with the success of the product.

WINNER of a very prestigious award from the Window Covering Manufacturers Association of North America. SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS Best Technical Enhancement Supreme PerformanceTM Combi Specialty Shapes and Arches Maxxmar Window Fashion

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