Stobag Insect Screen

Stobag Insect Screen

VENTOSOL stands for modern and solid shading for facades and has a wide range of uses. The SIR System (Soft Integrated Retaining System), which works like a zip, guarantees maximum stability of the internal fabric guidance system. VENTOSOL awnings withstands strong winds (75 mph*).
The elegant, slightly rounded box of the VENTOSOL awning is selfsupporting. Various fixing options allow the structure to be fixed to walls or in recesses.

In the case of soffit mounting the awning is also highly suitable for protection against insects.
Operated by crank-handle or optional electric motor. In the case of larger dimensions, the awning is fitted as standard with a motor drive. For horizontal use indoors on Sky light applications, the awning can be fitted with a counterweight system.


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