Dexter, the leading company positioned to receive and trust for the sincerity and eftrts in last decade, based on Future-oriented technology development on the Blinds, Fabrics & Components with our strict quality management and service innovation throughout our endless efforts to come to the customers satisfactory.

The company designs and manufactures market leading products in a purpose-built our own factory in Daegu, Korea.

This ensures quality, continuity of supply and superior back-up service to meet the ever-growing demand both in Korea and overseas.

The Combi Shade is sleek, beautiful and creates a modern look in any space,To achieve a complete privacy you should use a blackout fabric.The Combi Shades will protect your furnishing ..

Far superior to simply mounting a roller shade behind a natural shade, Twin Shade is all one unit. The roller shade liner is mounted below the natural shade’s

Innowin Shades are soft, elegant and beautify any space; when you control the vanes angle you control the amount of light in your space. Select your head rail, bottom rail fabric to match ..

Honeycomb Shades provide energy-saving and they insulate your windows from heat and cold.The shades also provide sound-absorption,you can install them on specialty windows ..

Leather Blinds are the alternative to your wood blinds; they bring fashion and fusion to your window. The leather blinds are available in 6 different colours; you can create a warm, inviting ..

Horizontal blinds offer an elegant and flexible way of filtering light and maintaining privacy. With a wide selection of woods to choose from you will be able to design your space and add ..

Venetian Blinds offer a dramatic design for any size window,they are available in many colour options. we are regularly check all the area for your comfort. at all the aspect we are always ready ..

Natural shade is an eco-friendly blind it is a hand-made product made from natural materials like Bamboo, reed, hemp etc. When the shade is in a closed position you get a subtle view of the …

Klimt is a new concept shade that combined the advantages of a vertical shade and the look of a drape. Klimt will create a modern, sophisticated atmosphere to your interior. Control the ..

This roman shades offer a modern twist to the traditional roman shades. Charlet Roman Shade operate with the easy-one cord …

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