SunProject Blackout Shades

SunProject Blackout Shades

Sunproject A/V Room Darkening Shading System

SunProject Blackout Shades are the ideal solution for any corporate boardroom, training centre, gallery, museum, residence, institution or healthcare environment. By employing side channels and specialty fabrics, SunProject room darkening systems make any environment light proof instantly; thereby, giving unheard of flexibility, privacy, and usability to any room.

SunProject™’s room darkening systems are a result of over two decades of ongoing innovation. We provide elegant and functional room darkening shades for variety of environments such as audiovisual, conference and training rooms as well as modern residential suites. We also offer a variety of side channels and cassette or fascia designs to accommodate different kinds of openings and applications. These systems can be operated by Lite-Lift®, our manual, effortless lift mechanism, or any types of electric drives using a small battery, low voltage systems or standard 110V. They can be integrated into any home automation system, commercial lighting or building integrated systems. Wide range of Precision engineered room-darkening fabrics, from elegant and distinctive to standard or Eco-friendly is available.

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