Lasting Impressions Pleated Shades

Lasting Impressions Collection Pleated Shades

Shade-O-Matic offers a superb selection of custom made pleated shades from the Lasting Impressions Collection. Pleated shades add style and sophistication to any room and with our great selection of fabrics to choose from, you will certainly add an air of elegance to your décor. Pleated shades offer an excellent form of window covering, providing light, privacy and sun control. For those energy conscious people, the optional metalized backing stops harmful UV rays from entering your room.


Soft sheer fabrics, contemporary designs, elegant jacquards, bold and dramatic tones in over 150 exciting fabrics in the leading fashion forward colours. Fabrics available in sheer, semi-private, private, room darkening and energy efficient. Majority of fabrics are made of 100% polyester that is anti-static and repels dust. Most fabrics are mold and mildew resistant for bathrooms, sauna or pool areas. Liners available with most fabrics – Room Darkening liner helps keep out the light. Privacy Liner filters the light for additional privacy. Pleat Plus Shades (Optional) – is available for most fabrics. This system keeps every pleat crisp and uniformly spaced, from the top of the shade right to the very bottom. Hi-Rise System – The continuous cord loop system easily lifts the shade, even large or hard-to-reach shades, and stops the shade exactly where you want. No more puddling cords! The cord tensioner helps with the positioning of cords and keeps your family safe – a child safety feature! Unique cord lock permits easy side to side operation. Optimum cording results in minimal light bleed where cords run through fabric. Small Stacking height – When shade is raised, it virtually disappears.
A Child Safety Kit – Comes with every blind (a cord cleat and screw). It can be installed on the wall to prevent puddling cords. Hi-Rise system has a cord tensioner. Environmentally friendly – Lasting Impressions Pleated Shades carefully consider the environment for healthier living and a lot of the fabrics are part of our GreenProtect™ program.


Café Style – Shade lowers from the top down and from the bottom up.
Daytime/Nighttime – Combines two fabrics in the same shade for function, beauty and total versatility (Sheer fabric by day, opaque fabric by night).
Other specialties include: arch, half circle, octagon, angle, skylights and automation for those hard to treat areas.


Maintenance is very simple; dusting or light vacuuming is all that is required.

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