Serena Remote-Controlled Shades

Serena Remote-Controlled Shades

Serena remote-controlled shades offer the beauty, luxury, and quality of a Lutron motorized shade at a more affordable price. Available in insulating honeycomb and roller styles, Serena shades offer a wide variety of fabric colors and textures, for complete design customization. These ultra-quiet window coverings install and operate without wires, and feature industry-leading battery performance. At the touch of a button, shades operate in perfect unison, and can even be controlled from anywhere in the world using the Lutron App and Smart Bridge.

What’s New

Serena Shades now work with Apple® HomeKit

Add convenience and simplicity to everyday life by using Siri® to control your shades. Get ready for bed by simply telling Siri to “Close my shades”, ensuring your shades are closed for a good night’s rest.

Serena Benefits Video

Experience luxury at an affordable price with Serena® shades by Lutron. These ultra-quiet battery-powered shades install wirelessly, and can be operated from anywhere in the room using a remote control.


Use the remote to control shades from anywhere in a room.

Control Within Reach

Adjust hard-to-reach shades, such as those in a second story foyer, safely and effortlessly.

Easy Installation

Shades install and operate without wires, perfect for retrofit applications.

Low Maintenance

Serena shades feature industry-leading battery performance. And you can change the batteries without taking down the shade; simply tilt the headrail forward.

Fashionable Aesthetics

Available in roller and insulating honeycomb styles, Serena shades feature a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to enhance the functionality and décor of any space.

Total Scene Control

Add a Lutron Smart Bridge and Caséta Wireless dimmers and you can control multiple shades along with lights to set the “scene” in any room at any time of day.

Cordless Design

A safe solution for homes with children or pets

The diagram above provides an overview of the components that constitute the Serena Remote-controlled shading system, as well as compatible Lutron products. You can refer to the categorized list below to find a complete list of components with more detail about select products.

Remote Controls

Serena Shades can be controlled from anywhere in the room using a Lutron Radio Frequency Remote Control.

Pico – All shades programmed to this remote will operate in perfect unison
4- Group Remote – Shades can be programmed to different groups for customized control

Power Supply

Serena remote-controlled shades can be powered via the following options:

Batteries (not included)
Individual plug-in power supply
Power Panel

Smart Device Control

With the Smart Bridge from Lutron, you can control Serena shades from anywhere in the world using the free Lutron App on a mobile device. Caseta Wireless dimmers can be included to create a complete automation experience.

Smart Bridge
Caseta Dimmers

Pico Remote Accessories

The Pico wireless control can function as a stylish tabletop control or it can be wireless mounted to a wall using the Claro Wallplate and Pico Adapter.

Pedestal (Single and Dual)
Claro Wall Plate
Wallbox Adapter

The following reference chart provides a list of model numbers for components that make up a Serena Remote-controlled Shades system.

View all technical documentation for this system.

Power Supplies
View all technical documentation for this system.

Remote Controls

View all technical documentation for this system.

The components of Serena Remote-controlled Shades come in a variety of styles and colors to fit aesthetically into your space.

Style & Color Options

Honeycomb fabrics come in nearly 100 different options, with a range of colors and textures. Fabrics are organized by collection, each of which have a different material and color palette.

Light-filtering single cell
Light-filtering double cell
Room-darkening single cell


Roller fabrics are divided among 11 fabric families with over 75 options in total. Families have different opacities, textures, color offerings, and patterns.



All fabrics are available in sizes up to 96″ x 96″, which will accommodate most residential windows in the mid-market.

Designer Style

Contemporary settings demand the soft corners, fashionable colors, and tasteful textures provided by the Designer style wallplates.

Pico® wireless Control

Window Treatments

Serena shades are available in two styles and a wide variety of beautiful fabric colors and textures to meet the functional and aesthetic needs of any space.

Roller Shades

Roller shades are a contemporary and stylish window treatment that combines superior functionality with a clean and elegant aesthetic. Choose from sheer, translucent, and blackout fabrics to create the perfect light for any space.

Insulating Honeycomb Shades

Insulating honeycomb shades are stylish and functional, providing convenience while enhancing a room’s decor and saving energy.

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