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Window Fashions Depot You Will Experience A Large Selection Of Interior & Exterior Window Fashions; Shutters, Blinds, Shades, Drapery, Drapery Hardware, Awnings, Headboards Specializing In Window Fashions Motorization.

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Roller Shades

Room – darkening roller shades are simple, effective and comfortable for using. They blackout most light in a room and help you to feel privacy. Roller window coverings are available in the light-filtering or room-darkening variety.

Romen Shades

A comfortable and fairly well-known way to change the light flux in your room placed on one long beam, which holds a large piece of fabric that is inclined slightly when it descends or rises. It performs the function of traditional blind with improved design and use of fabrics.


Shutters are a usual window coverage built from frame of vertical stiles and horizontal rails for controlling the amount of sunlight that comes inside the room, rain, snow and allowing wind to come through blinds during warm weather.


Zebra Shades

Since the blinds are made of two different fabrics, it features both light-filtering and room-darkening fabrics. One that is dense, and the other shines through. However, if you choose dark colours the light will not be able to come inside your room.


Faux Wood Blinds

 Typically made from composite wood or polymerizing vinyl chloride. It is easy to clean along with it’s nice looks. They are ideal for rooms or homes in humid environments, windows with direct sun and open door rooms. It usually has 13 colours which you can choose from



If you are looking for how to decorate your house at the same time and protect yourself from the sun then you are on the right path. The idea of ​​these blinds not only relies on the supply of light or darkness, but also passing air through an open window.


Woven wood shades

If you are looking for something calm and more natural, then woven wood shades are for you. They will give the bedroom or the living room peace of mind and the feeling that you are really in nature having given you something from 100 different fabrics.


Feel that your soul lies to the design and you want to hide your room with the help of beautiful and heavy curtains then you definitely need to purchase drapery curtains. The ability to tie them or divide them on two different sides will help you find the perfect option for your room and make you want to see it every morning.

Sheer Shades

What blinds are best to buy for those who love natural light? Even when you want to hide from the sun. They make it possible to feel at home, but if you are looking for shades that you want to use for privacy it is better to choose different type of blinds.

Panel Track

If you pick up the blinds for the long windows panel track will cover it from the bottom to the top using vertical function. It is also one of the most beautiful options for places that will always be in your sight or in front of your guests

Pleated Shades

To some extent resembles Roman Shades, they are both made from a single piece of fabric. However, they look simpler and you have to make an effort to lower them since they are heavier and the mechanism is different.

Vertical Blinds

One of the most common options in all homes are vertical blinds. Ordinary curtains are made of several vertical plastics, wood or metal slats which close the window from top to bottom and execute two functions- creating spaces for the sun when its needed and closing it.

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