SunProject Exterior Shades

SunProject Exterior Shades

Sunproject is a leader in automated exterior sun control devices and offers one of the most comprehensive exterior shading solutions available. Ranging from external roller shades to external louver devices, we provide energy-efficient systems that when enabled by sensors automatically react to the sun’s movement and adjust their position. The reduction of solar heat gain and energy consumption is significant. The return on investment when switching to automatic shading systems can save between 20 to 40 percent of energy used for just one to two percent of the total building cost. Moreover, the system maximizes daylight and thus increases the inhabitants’ comfort and, in a commercial setting, productivity.

SunProject™ provides Elektra motor operated Insect screening protection for any opening and enclosure. Typical installations are covered porches, verandas, balconies, or any enclosures.

Similar to our other exterior solar shades FM 41 or Makroll, the Tekno XTR provides a high level of sun control. The distinguishing difference between the Tekno XTR and our other

This elegant and automated exterior roller shading system is well suited to reduce heat gain, lower energy costs, provide glare control and optimize day lighting. A variety of attachment

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