Collection of Colours Vertical Blinds

Collection of Colours Vertical Blinds


Shade-O-Matic’s custom vertical blinds continue to stay ahead of the rest by offering a fashionable selection of patterns, textures and colours, in fabrics and PVC vanes. Our quality headrail systems are extremely durable and are built with state-of-the-art componentry, offering total control for both light and privacy. The clean, sleek, tailored lines of vertical blinds add style and sophistication to any mood that you are creating.


Over 300 selections of patterns and colours, all in today’s fashion forward trends. The Vectra 5000 heavy duty anodized aluminum track has precision engineered carriers for improved aesthetics. Clear stem carriers enhance the look of the track. Carrier stems can be easily removed and replaced on-site if needed. Pantograph style links for equal spacing. Optional valances available: Deluxe Valance, Presidente or Double Presidente Valance with rounded corners for a smooth look. Classic Fabric Valances are also available and as well, the Highgate Wood Cornice Valance. Fabric vanes have two options for bottom weights which hold the vanes in place: Sewn-in bottom weights are standard. Weights and chains are available and must be specified at the time of placing an order. Environmentally friendly – Collection of Colours Vertical Blinds carefully consider the environment for healthier living and many of the fabrics are part of our GreenProtect™ program.


Minimal maintenance is required. Fabric vanes should be vacuumed and are wipeable with a damp sponge. PVC vanes can be wiped with mild soap and water. The aluminum track does not require any maintenance.

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