SunProject Standard Screens Fabrics

SunProject Standard Screens Fabrics


Manufactured with ease of fabrication in mind, SC-1000 and SC-2000 are a basket weave specifically designed for any applications. The fabrics are available in two different densities in order to provide the appropriate shading depending on specific requirements.


SC-3400 and SC-3600 are a specially designed two-sided fabric construction. The dark colour inside the room provides excellent view through the fabric. White colour facing the outside reflects heat and improves shading co efficiency. The fabrics are ideal for solar and heat control for offices, healthcare facilities, institutional buildings and personal residences.


The SC-3500 is a series of thinner and finer weaves. The weave construction provides better viewing through the fabric similar to a sheer, yet providing excellent sun and light control.


SC-5500 natural grass cloth look created to take the function of sun control fabrics. It is woven with diverse textures and rich colours. Due to its high durability and excellent outward visibility, SC-5500 is a great addition to décor. It requires minimal maintenance. The fabric is available in 5 colours.


BO-100 is designed and manufactured for ideal and total blackout. BO-100 feature fabric is intended for applications related to any office or business facilities, meeting or conference rooms, home entertainment or dark rooms any time during the daylight, or full privacy comfort during the night.

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