SunProject Exterior Screens Fabrics

SunProject Exterior Screens Fabrics

Exterior rated fabric fiberglass twill weave fabric, rigid and durable designed with multicolor construction I deal for vertical drop roller system, stable in all temperature ranges.

XT-3700 and 3800 are performance shading fabrics. These uniquely designed exterior fabrics offer the best of both worlds under the sun keeping your view of the outside world as well as reducing your interior cooling costs.

Exterior rated fabrics manufactured according to exclusive patented technology, XT-3700 /3800 are maintained under tension during the whole production process. The result is dimensional stability superior mechanical resistant to tensile structure, will not sag during installation procedure or intensive uses.

Due to the micro-aerations, XT-3700 and 3800 regulate the sun’s heat. Installed on the outside of the window, they absorb and reflect up to 97% of the sun generated heat, thus, eliminating the green house effect.

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