Elite Composite Shutters

Elite Composite Shutters

Elite Richwood® Shutters are defined by their classic profiles in a range of three white tints. Possibilities are abound with two louver sizes (2½” and 3 ½”), six different panel configurations, and 6 distinct frame styles (see below). We also offer an impressive selection of bi-fold or bypass track systems, perfect for large windows, patio doors, closets, or room dividers, which can allow you to create several multifunctional areas in one large space. They offer the perfect balance to cover larger windows and still provide options of light control, privacy and style.

Elite Richwood® Shutters are built with high-quality hardware for ease of use and are able to maintain their integrity while opening and closing over time. They come in a variety of colours, which allows for a customizable look to suit your home and style. Offering clean lines that suit a modern and minimalist taste very well, our Richwood® Shutters are a very popular option for a window treatment that leaves an impression of luxury and sophistication.

Specialty shape

Are you interested in Richwood® Shutters, but have odd-shaped windows or window accents in your home? Elite offers several custom specialty shape designs. From arches to ovals, angles to octagons, there is a Richwood® Shutter specialty shape design to complete even the most elaborate window ensemble. Choose between stationary sunset louver or movable starburst louver configurations.

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